UBM ISAM Server (UISAM) v1.00

UISAM is a multi-key B+TREE indexed file manager which conforms to the C-ISAM standard. It is written in C/C++ and implemented as Client/Server application. The server part (2 NLMs) was certified by Novell® for NetWare® 5 and also runs on NetWare® 4. The client DLLs are available for Mircosoft® Windows® 98 / ME / 2000.

High performance and reliability, minimum hardware requirements and a user interface (API) that is easy to handle are the benefits of UISAM. Most of the API calls are compatible with C-ISAM V3.x so that existing applications can be speeded up with minimum changes in source code.

In a multi server enviroment UISAM can be installed on every server that holds data to be accessed, the client DLL, which makes use of Novell's NDS™, will then on every request find the UISAM server that matches best. Search requests are processed on the file server that holds the data so that there is no unnecessary traffic on the wire.

A client DLL substitution is available for single user local systems. This DLL uses the same file format but does not run in a network environment.

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